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damn dude

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when did this

imagebecome more beautiful than thisimage


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Airs- strong feelings 4 any1 who calls them cute bc they know they r not

Tarus- big head

Gemeni- kind of good looking

Cancer- smart, strong, beautiful, perfect. do not come for them

Leo- wimps

Virgin- cautious and not trusting 

Liberal- smart asses but never know what they talkin abt

Scorpion- manipulative but every1 looks past it bc they r hot

Saggitarius- do not come into contact with them no matter wat

Capricon- horny 24/7

Aquariums- K…

Pieces- ugly



kevin is literally just walking anime

Fill this in with stuff about you


where i’m from: San Jose, California
where i would like to live: Not here
favorite food: I have many but uuh, jalapeno cheese bread.
religion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
sexual orientation: Lesbian
single/taken: Taken ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)
favorite book: Deathe Note: Another Note
eye colour: An ugly dark brown
favorite movie: N/A
favorite TV show: Orange is the New Black atm
favorite band/singer: Little Dragon, Gorillaz
favorite day of the year: N/A
favorite colour: Purple
if i have any pets: German shepard/ chow mix
what I’m listening to right now: We Sink - CHVRCHES
last movie i’ve watched: How to Train your dragon 2
what’s my ringtone: Broken - Gorillaz
favorite male character from a TV show: Noiz from dmmd
favorite female character from a TV show: Gou from free!
favorite superhero: N/A
celebrity crush: Yukimi Nagano
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I’m so much cooler on tumblr than in real life but I’m not even cool on tumblr

damn dude

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RWBY + RTAH References


~ and this is why I have an enormous amount of respect for her and consider her one of my favourite YouTubers